Senate Passes Amendment to Fund Gulf Restoration and Land and Water Conservation Fund


 It will also provides two years of financial authorization for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

“Today, a big step was taken to make the coast of Louisiana whole again,” said Land Tawney, National Wildlife Foundation Senior Manager for Sportsmen Leadership and Vanishing Paradise Campaign Director. “We still haven’t brought this over the finish line but a thunderous chorus of duck and goose wing beats and the tails of redfish can be heard spurring us on.”

The RESTORE Act will dedicate 80 percent of the Clean Water Act fines from the 2010 oil spill to restoring the Gulf Coast. The Land and Water Conservation Fund will receive two years of dedicated funding at $700 million per year, and includes the re-authorization of LWCF till 2022. LWCF uses a portion of revenues from offshore oil and gas leasing to conserve fish and wildlife habitat and increase access and recreation opportunities for sportsmen and the general public, according to the release from the TRCP.

“This is our time and our conservation issue,” continues Tawney. “Coupling the RESTORE Act with two years of significant funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a measure that ensures public access for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities across America, is a great day for anyone who hunts or fishes.”

The next step for RESTORE and the LWCF is a Senate vote on the entire Transportation Act, which should come before the end of the month. The battle then moves to the House of Representatives. We’ll keep you posted. –Brian McClintock

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