The Complete Sportsmen’s Agenda

U.S. sportsmen’s organizations have successfully supported wildlife, hunting and fishing in America for over 100 years. But in order to tackle 21st century challenges facing wildlife and our opportunities in the field, sportsmen and women must unite their collective interests. The Bull Moose Sportsmen’s Alliance (BMSA) was established to identify a collective agenda that will benefit hunting and angling.

Not all hunters and anglers actively share in the same pursuits, but we all share the common goal that our rich traditions are passed on to the next generation. Therefore, the intent of compiling this agenda – and opportunities to accomplish it – is to educate and equip sportsmen and women of all pursuits with the ability to stand together and enhance our outdoor heritage in unison.

Simply put, The Complete Sportsmen’s Agenda is to advance the three components critical to the future of hunting and angling. Click on the links below to read more (or click here to download The Complete Sportsmen’s Agenda):

  1. Science-Based Habitat Conservation for Wildlife
  2. Access and Opportunity for the Recruitment and Retention of Hunters and Anglers
  3. 2nd Amendment Rights as they apply to Sportsmen

To advance these three components, BMSA has compiled policies and issues for 2012 identified by major sportsmen organizations that will benefit wildlife and opportunities for hunting and angling in America. BMSA further identifies administrative actions or legislation initiated during the 112th Congress that will provide the mechanisms to accomplish these goals.

In compiling these policies, BMSA acknowledges – and draws from – the specific biological and professional expertise of some of the most influential sportsmen organizations committed to improving hunting and angling opportunities. Through the grace of their vigilance, hunting and angling in America has remained one of the most time-honored family traditions for generations.

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