About Bull Moose Sportsmen

Our Sport. Our Future. We are Bull Moose Sportsmen.

Bull Moose Sportsmen is a non-profit organization created to honor the legacy set forth by the founding father of America’s sporting tradition-conservationist Theodore Roosevelt. President Roosevelt uniquely understood that our passion for the rod and gun must be equally matched by a strong conservation ethic for the sake of both sport and wildlife.

We are hunters, anglers, and trappers dedicated to promoting our heritage, traditions and sporting opportunities in America’s fields and streams. By advocating for policies important to sportsmen and women we work to ensure that the opportunities we enjoy today will be enjoyed by our children and their children.

Bull Moose Sportsmen are guided by three principles: science based conservation and wildlife management, increasing participation and opportunities of hunters and anglers and defending the 2nd Amendment rights of sportsmen.

In an effort to tackle these 21st century challenges, Bull Moose Sportsmen are working:

  • To unite our nations hunters and anglers in a collective mission that represents a complete sportsmen’s agenda.
  • To promote strong science based conservation polices and defend the North American model of wildlife management.
  • To recruit the next generation of hunters and anglers by promoting polices and programs that provide access to quality hunting and angling opportunities.
  • To protect the 2nd Amendment rights of sportsmen and women. We also recognize that with rights come responsibilities and the need to promote our longstanding tradition of responsible gun ownership as well as policies to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill who threaten our communities.

It’s time sportsmen join efforts in fighting for the issues truly threatening our hunting and angling traditions. It’s time we become leaders again, after all – it is our sport, and our future.

Our hunting and angling traditions depend on wildlife habitat, opportunity, and 2nd Amendment rights.  They are values upon which Roosevelt set the foundation of our hunting and angling traditions.  Bull Moose Sportsmen believe adhering to these values will continue to guide our country forward.

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Also, please visit our counterpart organization, the Bull Moose Sportsmen’s Alliance


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